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Candy skull


Angry Panda – part of Chinese Sleeve


Disney – start of a sleeve

Disney 3 - Lamp from Aladin  Disney 2 bow and arrow from Robin Hood Disney 2 - Scream Canister Monster Inc Disney - Squirt from Finding Nemo Disney 8 - Poisoned Apple from Snow White Disney 4 - Lion King Disney 5 - wisp from Brave Disney 6 - Kermit Disney 7 - Crisket from Mulan

Victorian Sleeve

Victoria Sleeve2 Victorian Sleeve 4 Victoria Sleeve Victoria Sleeve 3 Victorisn Sleeve - footballer Victorian Sleeve 6 Victorian Sleeve 5

Cover – Up – Religious Sleeve

Angel Angel 1 Angel 2

Tribal – Black and Red

tribal arm blank and red

Dog Portrait

dog tattoo

Hanya Mask part of a sleeve (approx 16 hours so far)

Hanya Mask

Hanya Mask

Start of a koi sleeve


Half Sleeve – Lillies and Roses

Celtic Arm