All About ArtoDerm

I have been tattooing for about 10 years and have recently set up a new studio. It had been my passion for many years to branch out on my own to offer a service which I could personalise for the individual client.

Drawing has always been one of my passions from an early age. Being able to use my ability to draw has enabled me to transfer my artistic skills to create amazing art work on skin. Because I believe a tattoo is for life, I feel it should be designed for the client, not picked from random images on a wall.

If you are interested in a personalised tattoo experience, get in touch by clicking the contact page.
Studio location : Coleford, Radstock, BA3


Latest offer: Unstink Your Ink 2016

Unstick your ink 2016


  1. Hi, I have a small butterfly tattoo on my wrist that I’ve never been that happy with (had it done last year). Can you do anything with it to improve it ?

  2. Hi, I’m looking for a quote for my partner for a large Celtic symbol tattoo across the shoulder blades. I have a picture I can email. How much and how long would this be?
    Kind Regards

  3. Big thanks to Justin for my new joker tattoo, really pleased, amazing artist and strongly recommend, I will be back (:

  4. Another full day tattoo session and once again really pleased with the result and homely atmosphere, thanks again Justin no dout i will see you soon!!

  5. Hi i may be moving to the area and lookong to get more ink work done and was after your prices?
    Looking for a regular tattooist.


    • Hi Laura,

      I charge £50 per hour or a full day (between 6-8 hours) for £250. Full days can also be booked for a max of 2 people and the time split – 3-3/12 hours each (need set up time).

      My studio is in a converted garage, so I can keep my over heads low. I have been tattooing for a long time and I know that many people get put off when people work from home. You are more than welcome to visit the studio. I’m fully registered with the local authority and have a very professional and hygienic studio – something I’m praised for constantly by my customers.

      I look forward to hearing from you


  6. A great day of tattooing, justin did a amazing job of the portraits of my 2 baby boys, incredible finish to my sleeve, highly recommend

  7. Hi I would like a personal tattoo iv got a few now if I was to send you two pics and say what I like could you look at them to see if it’s possible to do many thanks many thanks mark

  8. Hi I would like a wedding ring tattoo with letter M with a golden arrow through the letter M

  9. Hi, I’m looking for a quote for myself for a medium sized rose and compass tattoo across my wrist I have picture I can send which it what I would like but adapted a abit. How much and how long would it be?

    Many thanks, Amy.

  10. Glenda Shearn

    Are you doing the manchester bee tattoo for the appeal please?

  11. Hi, I’m looking into getting a tattoo on my calf, I was interested in getting my wife and children’s names including my own (Kevin Natasha Caitlin grace Thomas Isla) as part of a tree shape along with six birds flying from it, my idea was that of a “family tree” with the birds being us, I hope this makes sense and hope to hear from you soon.
    My mobile is 07792008384 if that is easier to contact me on.

  12. Ellie Hillman

    Hi Justin,

    I’m looking into getting a new tattoo on my thigh. I have a couple of ideas I think I would like – what is your price list and what’s your availability looking like in the up coming months?


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